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What is Flight Instructor Rating (FIR)?FIR stands for Flight Instructor rating; required to impart flying instructions in cockpit. In addition to the AFIR privileges, some extra privileges of FIR holder are:to impart flying instructions on aircraft having an all-up-weight exceeding fifteen hundred supervise and authorise solo flights by student pilots and supervise flying instructions



What is Assistant Flight Instructor Rating (AFIR)?AFIR stands for Assistant flight instructor rating, required to impart flying training instructions. This is the best option for candidates who are interested in teaching/training pilots.The best thing is no multi-engine rating is required to get an AFIR. This is also a good option for candidates, who want to



What is Cadet Pilot Programme?It is a programme designed for young aspirants eyeing for a seat in the cockpit of an aircraft.Cadet Pilot Programme involves training the candidate until she/he can be employed as a ‘First Officer’ with concerned Airlines. It is normally designed for individuals with no previous flying experience who would like to embark on

Flight Simulator


What is Flight Simulator?A flight simulator is a virtual reality system capable of simulating the environment of a flying machine for a pilot. Flight simulator helps in artificially recreating the aircraft flight environment for pilot training, aircraft design or other purposes.Simulators allow flight crews to practice needed level of training and potentially life-threatening manoeuvres in

Compass Test


What is Compass test?A COMPASS test is a series of six computer-based tests which have been specifically developed for the aviation industry to assess key areas of suitability for becoming a commercial airline pilot.The six individual tests are:Control: A compensation task looking at basic hand/foot/eye co-ordination.Slalom: A tracking task looking at hand/eye co-ordination.Memory: Accuracy of

Airlines Preparation


AIRLINES PREPARATIONWritten test and Interview preparationObjective of Airlines PreparationThe objective of the Airline preparation is to provide specialised training and expose candidates to the selection procedure adopted by airlines. This course focuses on developing the skills, technical knowledge and technique of newly qualified CPL holders and Type rated pilots.This airlines preparation program puts you on



What is RTR(A)?RTR (A) stands for Radio Telephony Restricted to Aero-mobile; used by pilots and aeronautical engineers to use the wireless telecommunication with ATC or ground station.Why RTR (A) licence is required for Pilots? In aviation sector almost each and every work depends on radio communication and is the important pillar for the safe and



What is Airlines Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL)?ATPL stands for Airlines Transport Pilot Licence; issued by DGCA. This is the highest licence a pilot can achieve in his career. Commercial pilots who have at least 1500 flight with some specified hours and are able to pass the theory paper and oral exam conducted by dgca will

CHPL Ground Classes


What is Commercial Helicopter Pilot Licence (CHPL)?CHPL stands for Commercial Helicopter Pilot Licence. CHPL is used (A) to act as pilot-in-command of any helicopter engaged in operations other than commercial air transportation; (B) to act as pilot-in-command in commercial air transportation in any helicopter certified for single-pilot operation; and (C) to act as co-pilot in commercial air transportation

CPL Ground Classes


What is Commercial Pilot Licence(CPL)?If you love the open skies, then a career as a commercial pilot is a calling. Commercial Pilot Licence is a type of pilot licence that permits the holder to fly an aircraft for remuneration. Commercial pilots have the world’s best job in terms of pay and allowances, job security and

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Eligibility Criteria
AgeQualification Medical FitnessCost of Training
Not less than 16 years.10+2 or under 10+2 with Physics and Mathematics.Certificate of medical fitness25 to 35 lakhs in India or Abroad
Full Name as given in documents