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What is Private Pilot Licence (PPL)?

Private Pilot License is a type of pilot license that allows the holder to act as Pilot-in-Command of an aircraft registered under private category. PPL is most suitable option if you wish to fly just for your own personal needs or hobby. The licence is issued by DGCA in India and is varies widely from country to country. It is obtained after successfully completing a course with at least 40 hours of flight time including at least 20 hours solo flight time. Solo flight is the flight time during which a student pilot is the sole occupant of the aircraft or that flight time during which the student performs the duties of a pilot in command of an aircraft requiring more than one pilot.A trainee also needs to clear DGCA written examination in Air Navigation, Air Regulations, Technical and Aviation Meteorology with a minimum score of 70 percent. CAPTESSAR AVIATION provide best ground class to aspiring pilots, enabling them to obtain PPL in minimum duration. On successful completion of the course you will get a PPL which will allow to enjoy your private flights.

 What is the eligibility criteria/requirements to join Private Pilot Licence (PPL) course?

Following are the requirements a candidate should fulfil to join PPL course:

  1. Age— He shall not be less than sixteen years of age on the date of joining flying training. However candidate’s minimum age should be 17 years on the date of application for PPL issue.
  2. Educational Qualification— He shall have passed Class Ten or equivalent Examination from a recognised Board.
  3. Medical Fitness— Candidate should produce on a prescribed proforma, a certificate of physical fitness from an approved medical practitioner after undergoing a medical examination during which he shall have established his medical fitness on the basis of compliance with the requirements as notified by the Director-General under Rule 39B.

 How many papers need to be cleared to get Private Pilot Licence(PPL) issued?

To get PPL issued, a trainee shall pass a written examination in following subjects:

  1. Air Regulations,
  2. Air Navigation,
  3. Aviation Meteorology; and
  4. Technical General
  5. Technical Specific

Provided that an applicant in possession of a valid Private Pilot’s Licence (Helicopters) or a Commercial/Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence (Helicopters) shall pass an examination in Aircraft and Engines only.

How much flying experience is required to get Private Pilot Licence (PPL) issued in India?

Flying training required to get PPL issued in India is as given below:

A trainee shall produce evidence of having satisfactorily completed as a pilot of an aeroplane not less than 40 hours of flight time which shall include—

  1. not less than 10 hours of solo flight time;
  2. not less than 5 hours of cross-country flight time as the sole occupant of an aeroplane beyond a radius of 100 nm from the point of departure including a flight of not less than one hundred and fifty nautical miles in the course of which full stop landings at two different aerodromes shall have been made;
  • not less than five hours of solo flight time completed within a period of twelve months immediately preceding the date of application for the issue of licence;
  1. 50 percent of the total flying experience on microlight aircraft or on a glider acquired during the preceding 24 months from the date of application subject to a maximum of ten hours may be counted towards the total experience required for the issue of the licence;
  2. Solo flight time completed on light sport aircraft within the preceding twenty four months from the date of application, subject to maximum of twenty hours, may be counted towards the total experience required for the issue of the licence. Provided that not more than twenty hours of credit shall be given to an applicant under sub-clauses (IV) and (V) put together.
  3. Skill— He shall have demonstrated his competency to perform as a Pilot-in-command or a Co-pilot of an aeroplane to the satisfaction of an Examiner within a period of six months immediately preceding the date of application.

 Validity of Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

Presently validity of PPL is 10 years from the date of issue or renewal.

How can Private Pilot Licence (PPL) be renewed?

Private Pilot licence may be renewed on receipt of satisfactory evidence of the applicant —

  1. having undergone a medical examination; and
  2. having satisfactorily completed not less than 5 hours of flight time as Pilot-in-command of an aeroplane within a period of twelve months immediately preceding the date of application for renewal or
  3. in lieu thereof, having satisfactorily completed the flying test within a period of six months immediately preceding the date of application.

 What are the Privileges of Private Pilot Licence (PPL)?

Subject to the validity of endorsements and ratings in the licence, the privileges of the holder of a Private Pilot’s Licence shall be to act (not for remuneration) as Pilot-on-command or as Co-pilot of any aeroplane which is entered in the Aircraft Rating of his licence and carry passengers therein :

Provided that —

  1. no flight is undertaken for hire or remuneration of any kind, whatsoever;
  2. the passengers are carried by night only when the holder of licence is in possession of a valid night rating; and
  • the holder has carried out not less than five take-offs and five landings by night as Pilot-in-command within a period of six months immediately preceding the date of intended flight; and
  1. no flight shall be undertaken under the Instrument Flight Rules without being in possession of a valid Instrument Rating.

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