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How to become a Commercial Pilot

How to become a Commercial Pilot In this age of competition, the need for respectable and glamorous jobs are being felt by the youth. In the absence of proper guidance, highly qualified candidates are facing various difficulties in achieving prestigious employment. So today’s youth is looking for job sectors which are attractive also which has

Career as a Commercial Pilot

Career as a Commercial Pilot

Career as a Commercial Pilot Choosing a career as a commercial pilot is not only a challenging task but also a rewarding one. Being a commercial pilot comes with a lot of responsibility. You will be responsible for hundreds of live in a single aircraft, taking them from departure point to destination point in the

What is Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)?

What is Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)? CPL stands for Commercial Pilot Licence used to fly both Private and Commercial aircrafts. If you love the open skies, then a career as a commercial pilot is a calling.  Commercial Pilot Licence is a type of pilot licence that permits the holder to fly an aircraft for remuneration.

Commercial Pilot

How to finish your CPL in 12 months

If you are planning to become a commercial pilot and entering cockpit fast, here are some tips to understand the facts for future aviators. Choosing piloting is always one of the best career options however proper guidance is required to complete the course in shorted duration. Until last decade there was a DGCA requirement that

Why This is The Best Time To Join Commercial Pilot Training?

The corona virus infection is suspected to remain longer, but why waste our valuable time sitting idle at home. During this pandemic we should explore all the possibilities of converting the existing challenges into opportunity. As Honorable Prime Minister said to convert COVID-19 challenges into opportunities, Captessar Aviation Academy with the help of DGCA rated